Almost 20 days since my last update, I'm sorry. I've been really busy with school and stuff, that I totally forgot about the blog. I hoped that at least one of the other authors would write something, but I am the only one trying to keep this blog alive ahah Ok, now writing about nice things, last week I went to Stockholm with a friend, I can honestly say it was an amazing shopping-trip. I bought this amazing dress at Zara, I'm totally in love with it!! And my friends found a wonderful dress too, we are so happy!!I look stupid in the picture, but whatever, the dress is so beautiful you shouldn't look at my face :)
I hope you will have a wonderful day.



Submarine/ Bill Cunningham New York

Yesterday I was to tired to do anything productive, therefore I just lied in my bed and watched some movies that I've planned to watch for months: Submarine and Bill Cunningham New York.


Directed by Richard Ayoade, Submarine is a really good movie. Maybe not a wonderful masterpiece that will become a classic, but it's cute and it's a great feel-good film. The scenery is beautiful, the actors are good and the soundtrack is lovely. There was something that I didn't like, but I actually don't know what it is exactly, maybe the maincharacter was too awkward or tryed too hard to make everything right, i don't know. This is my opinion, I'm not a movie critic so I'm just writing what I thought about it (just to be clear). Ahah I wrote "just" a hundred times in the last sentence. Ok, watch it, it's good, not amazing, but it's worth watching.

-Bill Cunningham New York
Loved this documentary! I love fashion, I love photography and I love streestyle photography, I actually felt that Bill Cunningham New York was the perfect documentary for me. It's really interesting and beautifully made. After you watch it you want to move to New York so badly (ok, maybe it's just me).
The best fashion show is definetly on the street. Always has been and always will be.
Bill Cunningham

Love this quote! It's so true! It's an awseome documentary, you have to watch it to understand how amazing it is! I can't describe it... but if you are a fashion addict or if you are interested in street photography or if you love New York, you should really watch this!!

I have nothing else to say, so enjoy the movies and have a good day!



Just chilling

The only thing I can do well in the kitchen is baking, I can't cook but I can bake! Today I made white chocolate chip muffins and they are good!!I have this wonderful recipe for chocolate muffins and I decided to add white chocolate too; no low-fat, healthy crap for me today ahaha Just wonderful muffins with a lot of sugar and butter and they actually made my day!! Now I'm here sipping black coffee, eating muffins and talking to my family on skype.
 This is the recipe for chocolate muffins (I added 100 g white chocolate, but you don't have to if you don't want to, they are really good anyway :) ).

-100 g butter
-2 eggs
-2 dl sugar
-2 tsk vanilla sugar (not so sure if it's called so)
-1 krm salt
-4 msk cacao
-1/2 tsk baking powder
-2 dl flour

Melt the butter. Whip eggs and sugar, then add vanilla sugar, salt, cacao, baking powder. and then add at last flour and the melted butter (add the white chocolate if you want to). Put it in the paper cups and then put it in the oven (200 degrees) for 10-15 minutes.

Coffee, muffins and a good book, could it be better than that? I don't think so.
Here are some other random pictures that I found on tumblr.

The last two are special :D (Love you <3)

Hope you enjoyed this random post. Have a great day.



Coffee and random pictures

Café Tar in Uppsala is the best café ever. Yeah I know, I'm italian and I go to the italian café, how original!! I have to say their coffee is excellent and there aren't sizes or flavours, it's just normal, amazing coffee or cappuccino or caffe latte. And don't get me started on their focaccie or their pastries!!! Ok, but this wasn't ment to be an ode to Café Tar ahah but if you are in Uppsala you could as well try it, it's worth it!! Actually it's the only place where I can go and ask for "the usual" and get what I want (this can get you an idea of how often I'm there) ahaha I actually don't have anything interesting to say, so I'll post some random pictures that I've found mostly on tumblr. Enjoy :)

These two are from earlier today with my frind Isabelle.




Goodmorning people!! How are you today? I started writing this post on wednesday, but I haven't really been in the mood for writing or posting anything and I'm sorry. Tuesday night I watched "Carnage", directed by Polanski and I just can say... wow! I was pleasently surprised by this movie, it's not the usual predictable movie, it was different and funny. Christoph Waltz makes the whole movie even better, he's such an amazing actor and now I can say I've seen him without pants, it's a dream come true (and I'm just kidding ahah). The movie was really awesome and I don't want to write too much and ruin it for those who are planning to watch it (actually I don't know what to write about it, the only things that come to my mind when I think about it are "WOW!" and laughter), but I can honestly say you should watch it, it's worth the money and the time.
I haven't done much in these days, mainly school, friends and watching "Le fabuleux destin d'Amelié Poulain", my french has improved a lot, actually. Love that movie, if you haven't seen it yet, watch it NOW!!

If you are wondering where the other authors are and if they will write again, the only thing I can say for sure is that they are alive, I haven't killed them just so the blog could be mine ahah...
Hope you are going to enjoy the movies, and I think you will!
Have a great day.



Stockholm again

Hello lovely people, here I am, writing to you again. I actually didn't think I would have anything interesting to write about today, but things have changed. I went to Stockholm to meet one of my mother's friends (she's like a second mom) and we had a great time, we managed to go to not one, but two museums this afternoon. First we were going to visit the modern art museum, but when we were buying the tickets they told us that there wasn't much to see today, so they recommended the archicture museum instead. It's beautiful! Not very big, but really beautiful and if you like or study architecture you should really go there.
 Then we were going to visit National museet, but my mother's friend thought I should get to know the swedish culture better so we went to Nordiska museet. I am not that uneducated about swedish culture actually (ok, I know the basic stuff and everyday I learn something new ahah), but it was really interesting. They had a lot of expositions about furniture through time, I found a lot of kich things that I would love to have in my future house ahah (just kidding). Oh and there was this exhibition about old, classic toys, and the game boy was in there too. Now I feel freakishly old, even if I'm not. I really recommend this museum too. It's a really beautiful building, it looks like a castle. Stockholm is so beautiful! Every time I'm there I fall a little bit more in love with that city, and today was no exeption. It was breathtaking with the perfect weather! Really looking forward to move there someday.
Ok, this is what I've done today. I would like to recommend a tv-show too. It's called "New girl" and it's amazing, it's cute, funny and I feel like the main character right now (not that you care, but whatever). so if you don't know what to do or what to watch, watch "New girl".
On tuesday I probably will see "Carnage", the new Polanski movie, so I'll review it someday next week (I'll try to do it on wednesday).

The photos in this post are all mine, I took them last summer when I was in Italy. Hope you like them. I really feel that spring is slowly coming therefore I feel like posting pictures of flowers :)



Outfit 27-02-2012


I feel bad, I haven't posted anything for a while now. Ok, I can honestly say last week hasn't been one of the best in my life, but now I'm back :D Yeeey I've been doing a lot of stuff: watching movies, hanging out with my friends, partying ahah I thing I 've done more fun stuff (like going in the outside world) in these past 2 weeks than i've ever done in the year and a half I've lived here. Spring is coming here in Sweden too, I hear little birds singing, the snow is slowly melting, the sun warms you up and all this makes me feel so happy.
This outfit is a recreation of what I wore today. It's Monday so this morning I was really tired, and just grabbed some random clothes in the closeth, and it turned out to be a nice outfit (I was really satisfied). I love my red cardigan, I bought it last year at Gina Tricot and it was on sale so it costed almost nothing (mine is not quite like the one in the photo, but whatever... you get the idea).
I wanted to apologize because I told you I would have posted something about SFW, but I didn't, so I'm really sorry for that!
Hope you'll have an amazing day.



This is England

How could I describe this movie? Awesome? Wonderful? There's no words to describe it because it's so good. It makes you want to become a skinhead (maybe not the nazi or racist ones) and it makes you think. The actors are great, I was so happy when I saw Jack O'Connell (you will probably recognize him from "Skins UK", he playes Cook in the third and fourth seasons; if you 've never watched skins, do it! It's really great). 
It has a message for the skins too: politics is shit, skinhead was all about fashion and music and being proud of the working class background. Keep the '69 spirit alive.
The music is great, everything it's great. It's really well-made. My bf said when he described it to me that it was a feelgood movie, but it's not. Ok, it has a very positive message, but it doesn't make you feel that good in the end. It's worth watching, I really recommend it. If you are not used to the british accent, it can be a bit hard to understand without subtitles, but after a while it gets easier.
I actually saw that they have made short series called "This is England '86" and "This is England 88", and I really think I'm going to watch them.
Hope you watched it and liked it too.



Bronson/ Drive

Ok, I'm trying to be better with the updates so I'll write about some movies. I've had movie-nights with my bf last night and the night before, it was great: a glass of good wine, wonderful movies that a friend reccomended,and my lovely Michele (yeah the other author of this blog), just great! We watched Bronson and Drive, both directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and they were freaking awesome!!


I loved this movie. It was released in 2009, but I had never heard about it until last week.
The plot is really interesting: Micheal Peterson (Tom Hardy) was a young man sentenced to 7 years in jail for trying to robb a post-office, but ends up spending 30 years in soliatry confinement. During this time his personality is supplanted by his alter-ego, Charles Bronson.
There is great constrast with music and the visual part of the movie, it reminded me a little of "Clockwork Orange", and I think is one the things that makes this movie so amazing. Another wonderful thing is Tom Hardy; he's a really, really good actor, I didn't even recognize him at first. He makes the character perfect, it's just a pleasure watching him act (ok, I think he's really hot in this movie, so you get your daily dose of eye-candy too :P). There's some violence, but I thought it was the right ammount of it (yeah I like violence in movies). It's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

I loved this scene, one of the best of the whole movie in my opinion.


Step one: create a character of a mysterious, quiet, lonely man who does multiple works (but who always drives or works with cars and stuff like that)
Step two: call some really good actors and actress to set up an awesome cast, names like Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman and Christina Hendricks and much more.
Step three: create a plot about this weird driver who becomes an hero.
Did you think i was going to tell you the plot? Hell no. You have to watch a movie to create your own opinion about it, yeah all right, sometimes it works to search and read something about a movie due to Mr. Google, indeed during the evenings with your friends when nobody knows what to watch (or to do, or to drink...sometimes is just a problem of lack of beer), but nobody pays me to give opinions around, and I'm not a freaking movie-expert who can talk for weeks about the "the smurfs" movie, so take that like an advice: it's really worth watching. It's noir and pulp enough, the actors are really good, and is a really nice concept. It could be a little slow to evolve, but, in the end, the action and the suspance and the brutality of some scenes make you forget the initial "whatamiwatching?" feeling.
(written by Michele)

Ok so now you have two must-watch movies, hope you like them as much as we did.
As you can understand from the comments on Tom Hardy's hotness, I, Chiara, wrote the "review" on Bronson.

Peace & Love,
Chiara and Michele


New entries

Sorry if I haven't updated for a while, but my lovely boyfriend is here in Sweden and I want to spend as much time as possible with him while he's here. Ok here are some new things I've bought, actually the nailpolish is an early valentines day gift, it's OPI's texas collection and it's called "austintatious turquoise". I love those earrings and I couldn't resist: they remind so much of  the Dark Mark that the Death Eaters have in Harry Potter. I bought the ring for bf as valentines day present, he loves rings with skulls and this wasn't even so exaggerated or tacky so i thought "why not?" I've had a wonderful week, I've met some wonderful people and I think I've had one of the most fun nights since I don't even remember when. It has been an amazing week, I hope yours has been too.



Adidas fourteener

Svegliarsi alle 9:28 e trovare un pacco che aspettavi da un pò non ha prezzo; e pensate se questo pacco dovesse contenere proprio quelle sneakers che hai ordinato un paio di settimane prima. L'emozione è incontenibile.
Insomma stamattina mi sono arrivate le meravigliose Adidas Fourteener. E vabbè, direte voi, un paio di adidas in più, capirai, no a me piacciono di più le reebok, no a me le nike, no io sono pure fucking old school e senza le new balance non posso vivere, no ma che dici viva le vans...scusate, questo è il caos che ho in testa passando davanti ad un negozio di sneakers (come capirete, è meglio che non vada a comprare scarpe tutti i giorni, rischio di finire in un manicomio criminale nel tempo di un caffè) e insomma, ho perso il filo.
Adidas è una marca che, personalmente, adoro, amo, supporto; se potessi, la porterei a cena fuori in un posto romantico, e poi back to my place per un pò di vino, un pò di ambient melenso dallo stereo e ops già tutti i vestiti per terra. Ma purtroppo non si può avere un congresso carnale con un brand, dunque tanto vale accontentarsi di comprare le sue innovazioni più innovative e le sue figate più fighe, un pò come gli stalkers che collezionano foto e ci tappezzano le pareti di casa. E cosi, con questo spirito che è a metà tra quello del pervertito e quello del maniaco, mi arrivano le Fourteener.
Awesome. Immaginate la comodità di una sneaker adidas (scommetto che tutti abbiamo avuto almeno un paio di Stan Smith nella vita) unita al design degli scarponcini da scalate degli anni '80, uniti ad una colorazione stupenda e che si abbina benissimo al jeans. Queste sono le scarpe perfette per coloro che, come me, adorano la vita outdoor e tutti i suoi componenti, tipo campeggio, camminate nei boschi, birre nei boschi, falò,osservare un sentiero ripidissimo che sale sul fianco di una montagna dal basso e decidere di rimontare in macchina e di tornare a leggere l'ultimo Stephen King, ed altre amenità che coinvolgono la natura. Sono le scarpe perfette per chi desidera avere al contempo scarpe estremamente ricercate ma anche da battaglia, ma soprattutto sono le scarpe per chi ha un'insana passione per le sneakers, per chi non possiede altro che sneakers, per chi indossa anfibi a forma di Nike e ciabatte a forma di Puma. Perchè fondere il concetto degli scarponcini da trekking (e da hiking) con quello della comodità delle sneakers è un grande atto di amore verso quest'ultime.
Compratele, se potete; si trovano solo online (in Italia, ovvio), in tre stupende colorazioni.



Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is another of my favorite photographers. Her work is amazing. She's more commercial than Mapplethorpe, in fact you can often see her photos in fashion magazines and they are so beautiful. She has taken portraits of many celebrities and you can see their personalities and "souls" through her photos. I would love to be as good as she is! Ok this too was a very quick update, but I have to study a lot in these days. I hope you enjoyed the photos.